*** The Shrike 5.56 - Advanced Weapons System™, (AR15/M16 Belt-Feed Upper Receiver Assembly by Ares Defense Systems) is officially in production! ***

We are offering you a limited opportunity to purchase this system at a fantastic introductory price! Simply follow this link www.aresdefense.com to our website for terms and ordering information. While there, be sure to visit our photo gallery and watch a video of the Shrike 5.56™ as it devours a 100 round belt! You’ve never seen anything like it!

The Shrike 5.56™ performs exactly as designed:

· Fits all MIL-Spec AR15/M16/M4 firearms.
· No modification to your valuable lower receiver.
· Compact - 29” with M4 or CAR-15 stock collapsed.
· Light Weight - 7.85 lbs with an M4 lower receiver and stock.
· Fires 5.56mm ammunition through standard AR15/M16 magazines.
· Belt-fed with 5.56mm ammunition using M27 (SAW) disintegrating links.
· Uses quick-change barrels in several lengths and pre/post-ban configurations.

We’ve done our homework and the reliable Shrike 5.56™ promises to be the ultimate accessory for the AR15/M16 family of firearms!

Get more information at: www.aresdefense.com
Thank you for your continued support of Ares Defense Systems!